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Over the past 19 years, I have been privileged to work alongside the CEOs & executives who care about their businesses as much as I do about delivering exceptional results in business transformations for them.  Combining operational experience with over 400 strategic projects covering more than 80 countries taught me a lot - a legacy I continue to share. Your key questions are answered below:

I am known among smart executives, who might be CEOs one day, for practical business strategies - practical because they are crafted in real world, not academia; business because I rarely work for governments (I enjoy working with commercial organisations more); and strategies because my work always has significant strategic component, allowing me to focus on the few things that matter the most. ...More

An abridged summary of my professional education is given below. For full details you can see my profile on LinkedIn here...More

I have had the good fortune to work with some of the leading professionals, executives and thought leaders from around the world. Here are some testimonials  ...More

What are the key milestones in my journey?  What shapes my thoughts and actions?  Why do I do the things I do? ...More

Not many people clock 300,000 km around the earth in 22 months before their 21st birthday.  Fewer still get to work and earn in more than 100 locations on four different continents while doing this. ...More

Think pirates in large numbers.  The only difference was the absence of "lights, camera, action."

Until I made a connection many years later, I never thought life was giving me a valuable and important corporate lesson that will also be useful to so many of my clients. ...More

I almost lost the use of my left hand in an accident at sea when I was 18, and discovered I was exceptionally good at mathematics and finance.  Yet, why the lure of wall street did not interest me. ...More

Decades of experience observing, combining, and formulating best practices is backed up by multiple graduate degrees near the top of the class from top notch universities. Yet, only one passion drives me....More

I've helped sophisticated clients take profitable turns in their journeys.  They refer more clients, and keep coming back because of the trust, care and expertise I provide. ...More

You may get help for achieving Goals in business transformation by reading Vivek's Blog. ...More


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