As China’s economic slowdown surprises analysts, what more can its companies do to spur growth?

05 Aug 2020

China’s economic slowdown has surprised analysts this week, with a number of key performance figures failing to reach predicted levels. Annual growth dropped to 7.7% for the January to March 2013 quarter, from 7.9% in the previous quarter. Industrial output rose only 8.9%, against analysts’ predictions of 10%, and fixed asset investment rose at an annual rate of only 20.9%, while it had been expected to achieve over 21%.

So what can Chinese companies do to spur their country’s economic growth and what lessons can the international business community learn in the process? International businessman Vivek Sood’s new book, The 5 Star Business Network, holds the key to unlocking each company’s true potential through the development of its 5 star business network. From small, local companies to global corporations competing on the world stage, the lessons provided in The 5 Star Business Network promote efficiency, growth and scalability for every business. Mr Sood explains,

“Having worked across several continents and in a wide range of industries, I have been fortunate to learn first-hand some of the most important lessons that businesses need to know. The development of 5 star business networks is such a key factor in running a successful company, yet one that many businesses often overlook or approach in the wrong way. I am thrilled to finally be able to reach out to all companies, no matter their location, and provide them with the resource they need in order to become more efficient, generate increased revenue and drive forward their success.”

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