Today, there is a big and widening gap between modern Supply Chain Management trendsetting companies, such as Uber, AirBNB, and traditional companies. The value of modern trendsetters is 50 times or more the worth of traditional companies. As a result trendsetters are being flooded with investments, talent, resources, and power, while traditional companies are struggling to garner even basic resources.

The gap in the profitability and valation is widening and many traditional comanies will cease to exist in the near future. Traditional companies try traditional solutions such as conferences, seminars, searching the internet and business school trainings and all they will get is the same old rhetoric at a fairly high cost.

The gap can only be fulfilled by taking the trendsetter's techniques and imbuing it into thetraditional company while adapting them to each company. My workshops fulfil this gap by making the solution practical, focused and inclusive. The following are some examples of the workshop arrangement. Again, this is entirely flexible and customised to suit your needs.

Executive mentoring

  • Unstructured, flexible program
  • Driven by specific demand of executives in the short term, e.g. brainstorm a new initiative or get past a particular hurdle
  • Starts with strategic planning and setting goals to achieve together

Executive coaching

  • Structured program, fully customisable
  • Driven by executives' demand to stay competitive in the long run, e.g. learn about an area outside of their domain
  • Pairs a client with one of our senior team membersn

Executive Temporary Placement

  • Our own people work in-house with our clients for a set period of time
  • Used during the analysis and supply chain/operational transformation period

To explore if this might be the right solution for you, get in touch with me on the co-ordinates given in top right hand corner of this page.