Speaking is different than lecturing

I fell into speaking due to my writing. People who read my books invited me to speak, and I took this responsibility seriously. I had been to enough conferences where same people were saying same things over and over again, sometimes many years in a row. Everyone is waiting for the speeches to get over, so they could get on with the cocktails.

I resolved to make my speeches memorable. I research the audience, the current trends in what is top of mind for them, and then relate my area of expertise to the audience. I trained for delivering speeches well. The aim is to make it worthwhile for everyone - for the audience, for the organisers and for me. Otherwise, why bother? Afterall, anything that is worth doing, is worth doing well.

What topics I speak about

My best speeches are paid keynote speeches delivered over 45 minutes to one hour. Some of my favourite topics are:

  1. Business Transformation in Times of Extreme Change
  2. Unchain Your Corporation - Business Transformation Using Supply Chains
  3. Role of Technology in Business Transformations
  4. Supply Chain IT for Business Transformations
  5. Making the Most of What You Have - Role of B2B Networks in Business Transformations

Other topics combining the themes of business transformations, B2B Networks, Supply Chain Management, Optimisation, Integration can be agreed - though I might charge extra for preparing those speeches. Occassionally, I still deliver pro-bono speeches for worthy causes and will continue to do this in addition to my paid speeches.

How you can get value out of my speeches

My speech style can be characterised as authentic, customised and impactful. It is more suitable for serious business situations which require clarity, authority and gravitas. If that is your situation, please explore some of my past speeches by looking at the videos, or directly communicate with me.

Before making your decision, think about the situation this way: who would you rather have - someone who repeats the same platitudes that s/he heard in hundreds of other places, or someone who carves powerful fresh material that helps you achieve your objectives with style and substance.

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