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Professional Profile - Vivek Sood:

Professional Profile - Vivek Sood: For Powerful, Profitable and Practical Supply Chains

Professional Profile - Vivek Sood, Mr Supply Chain:

I am known among smart executives, who might be CEOs one day, for practical business strategies:
- practical because they are crafted in real world, not academia;
business - because I rarely work for governments (I enjoy working with commercial organisations more);
and, strategies because my work always has significant strategic component allowing me to focus on the few things that matter the most.
I think deeply, and speak clearly.
I am the trusted advisor who select executives call when they want to multiply
profits URGENTLY using the full power of Global Supply Networks.
When they know in their hearts that, with the right external advisors, their teams can get much better results, executives from corporations around the world enlist our assistance.

Supply Chain Professional Experience - Vivek Sood:

In January 2000, I co-founded Global Supply Chain Group, a high-impact services company comprising of supply-chain pioneers and visionary thinkers.

Previously, I was a management consultant with top-tier strategy firm Booz Allen & Hamilton, where I studied with the best supply chain minds with a single passion – learning how to create, configure, and formulate effective, secure and sustainable global supply chains.

In last 22 years our teams created several breakthroughs in Supply Chain - including business transformations led by SCM 3.0, green supply chain strategies, 5-STAR business networks, and many others.
My more than 400 projects have spanned approximately 84 countries on five continents, with clients ranging from fortune 500 companies to innovative green transformations in supply chain infrastructure, investments, profitable growth through global supply chain realignment, and, cost reduction.

Supply Chain Thought Leadership - Vivek Sood:

My articles are published in respected journals and business magazines, and occasionally, I speak at business schools, conferences and workshops around the world. I also continue to write books based on my experience and expertise.
I have also delivered several keynote speeches at notable events around the world, including Chairing the Terrapin conference on supply chain in Melbourne.
Since 2006, I have played a pro-active role in use of social media for business thought leadership through my blogs, professional groups on LinkedIn, and twitter. Currently, I have a social media followership of over 40,000 senior executives and highly influential professionals around the world.

Supply Chain Transformation Philosophy of Vivek Sood:

My philosophy to supply chain projects has always been to use small extremely capable teams, and, focus on only the most important pain points in a supply chain.
When and Why did I adopt this mindset?
Partly, it is ingrained in my mindset from the shipping industry where I worked as a Captain before studying for my MBA and becoming a management consultant.
But, more importantly it was stressed again and again in the management consulting firm Booz Allen and Hamilton where I got my start as a management consultant after I graduated with an MBA.
To put is simply, there is barely a part of supply chain that would not do better with a little extra attention.
Many large consulting firms take advantage of this simple, but not so obvious, fact by deploying massive teams and bloat the billings.
Unfortunately, when everything is important, nothing remains important.
For this reason, they also end up missing out on the most important turnaround points in supply chains in many cases.

Professional Profile - Vivek Sood: On LinkedIn

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