Why books?

I never hesitate to buy a book when presented with an opportunity because someone is giving his experience of a life time for a few dollars. Even if one idea clicks, the book has paid for itself. Ideas can be presented through many different media, but none are more long lasting and retainable than the power of a book.

At some stage in my career, after reading countless number of books in my free time between site visits and projects, I became convinced that based on my experience, I had an important message to convey to my clients, readers and fellow management practitioners.

My books

Thus started the quest of writing my first book Green Supply Chains - An Action Manifesto published by Wiley & Co in the UK. It took nearly 18 months to write the book, and another 18 months to revise it with my co-author Stuart Emmett, and to get it published. Now that seminal book is used by universities and libraries around the world for executive education courses, and as a reference material. Being one of the first books on this topic, it is also one of the most quoted books on its area of coverage.

My second book "Move Beyond the Traditional Supply Chains - The 5-STAR Business Networks" took a bit longer to write because the research and analysis entailed a five-year longitudinal study of the top 1200 companies around the world. This book received very good reviews from the top professionals and my clients - something that encouraged me to write the next book.

My third book "Outsourcing 3.0 - Outperform, Outsource, Outprofit" was based on the material from the previous book, and hence could be written relatively faster. Yet, the practitioners appreciated this book even more because of the pragmatic nature of its content.

My last book (so far - in December 2015) is "Unchain Your Corporation". This book took the lessons from the previous books - made the material even more simpler and easy to read. This books can be easily read in a plane trip of 2 hours and the reader will have read enough case studies and anecdotes related to the "art of business transformations' to be able to find his or her own path in the confusion of the corporate politics and complexities. It shows how to use resistance and skepticism endemic in today's organisations to overcome the change fatigue and achieve the end-goals.

Testimonials for the books

Here are a few comments about the books by top level professionals. To know more about any of the books, please click on its dedicated website. If you are not a reading person, there are enough short videos for you to get the gist of the material and use it for your benefit.

A thought provoking book, based on an impressive mass of experience, alerting the business leader to the new supply chain opportunities created in the digital world, written in a lively style and providing just the right balance of practical and actionable advice.   

                                                                                                                                Juergen Tinggren
                                         Member of the Board of Directors of Schindler Holding Ltd., Hergiswil, Switzerland

It is not easy for a book to cover the thirty-thousand-foot view of a topic and also detail the ground realities of its key components. Through the clear articulation of the critical concepts richly populated with real life examples, the authors have tackled this challenge successfully.       

                                                                                                                                 Philippe Etienne
                                                                                             Managing Director & CEO Innovia Security Pty Ltd.

 The book promises to be enjoyable and at the same time, insightful for both, the general and technical readers alike.

                                                                                                                                              Venkat Padmanabhan
                                                   President and Global Head of Finance (Products), Olam International Limited

Vivek is an established leader and a professional in supply chain management. His books are easy to read and understand as they are based on Vivek's valuable and rich practical experience, ability to transform strategies into real action plans and are also written in a friendly manner.

                                                                                                                                                           Andrey Manev
                                                                                                                                  Chief Executive Officer, HUS