Following are some of the Linkedin testimonials from professionals and executives:

Suhas Bhise

Head - PPC / Logistics / Sourcing at Arvind Limited ( Wovens & Knits Fabrics )

Mr Sood's keynote speech on the strategic impact of supply chain on profitability and performance was eye-opening and awakening. When he answered questions, it was clear that he is a true master - probably one of the top five on earth today. Very highly recommended for speeches, workshops and trainings on anything to do with supply chains and B2B Networks !!!!

Estelle Berger

Process Improvement and Change Management Consultant at the Bevington Group.

Vivek gave immense amount of responsibility, but was always there to guide, coach and mentor whenever I needed him. That is why I succeeded in some very challenging projects and the entire experience was immensely enjoyable.

Harsh Rameshwar

Partner at SilverRange Financial Partners; Director on the Board of North Atlantic Refining Limited

Vivek is a multifaceted personality, and one of the most qualified ex mariners I know who has specialized in supply chain management. Not only did he get operational expertise, he went on to educate himself, advise top global companies culminating in very well received books.
Kudos to you Vivek - you are an example and have set a very high bar for all of us ex mariners!

Dr. Wolfgang Partsch

Dr. Partsch & Partner

Since 'co-inventing' Supply Chain Management I have worked with literally thousands of supply chain professionals from around the world in the last 25-30 years, but none comes close to Vivek in combining the practical experience at the highest level of Global Supply Chains in multi-nationals with comprehensive thought leadership in all aspects of complex transportation and supply chain spheres. I also thoroughly enjoyed working with him due to his passion for delivering value far beyond clients' expectations – an ethos that I fully share.

Ravi Dey

Director, Magnar Logistics

Vivek is a visionary and his knowledge and foresight of the logistics business is second to none.I have discussed various issues concerning maritime transportation with him and have a very high regard for his opinions and advice.

Paul Bradley

Chairman and CEO, Caprica International

Vivek Sood is a highly respected thought leader in the field of supply chain management. He has written books and articles to share his vision with current industry professionals and the next generation of logistics leaders. Vivek has successfully implemented innovative supply chain solutions for key multinational customers and continues to evolve with creative value added concepts designed for tangible impact.

Dr. Kaushik Sridhar

National Manager, Corporate Citizenship - KPMG and Adjunct Lecturer at University of Melbourne

I was asked to help Vivek write a chapter in a forthcoming book for supply chain scholars. We ended up collaborating on the entire project in a very challenging, yet enjoyable manner. I learnt a lot, enjoyed the discussions, reaped huge rewards from the collaboration, and ended up putting my name as the co-author of the chapter. Vivek displayed tremendous thought leadership, collaborative attitude and action orientation.

Mark Aquilina

Chief Operating Officer at Klarrio APAC

I've had the pleasure of working with Vivek in many contexts over many years and having just finished reading the most recent of his 3 books I felt compelled to share my enthusiasm for this latest endeavour. In his new book, 'Outsourcing 3.0', Vivek has done a masterful job in providing an end to end, comprehensive and yet succinct, warts and all, perspective on modern outsourcing. Drawing on Vivek's 30+ years experience as a leading global supply chain expert and practitioner, the book is rigorous, providing a useful overarching 'how to' framework (Results focused Outsourcing and Modularisation) that doesn't shy away from complexity and is yet highly digestible made real with many case studies. This book challenges the reader to deeply consider the essence of value in your business and to consider whether internal and external capabilities are optimally structured and integrated. Application of these frameworks, which Vivek advises should be tightly linked with corporate strategy, will undoubtedly uncover some areas of your business where value can be amplified through outsourcing and other areas where it is strategically imperative or too risky to go down that path. I highly recommend this book to senior executives, strategy professionals, or anyone who wishes to amplify the value to their enterprise through a network of strategic relationships.

George Lin

Senior Investment Manager at Colonial First State

I have known Vivek since we studied together at the Australian Graduate School of Management. Vivek is an intelligent and thoughtful professional who can bring a strategic perspective to business issues.

Mauricio De Rutte

Business Development Manager

Vivek is one of the most caring and friendly boss I had. He taught me a lot in a short duration. The company does amazing project work for their clients and because of the care and trust the results make the clients very successful. I like the way he has built a small company in a tough market with his unique style of strategy consulting to use supply chain for business transformations.

Thomas Radrigan

Business Analyst for the CEO Automotive at Al Fahim Group

Vivek's inspirational leadership brings out the best of every person on the team in an engaging manner. I worked all nighters in many cases with him and his commitment to deliver client projects on time is totally amazing. Vivek is also a mentor for me, as I progressed so much in analysis skills and business intelligence. I do not know how he finds time to write multiple books while doing all this client work but the overall intellectual depth he brings to all his work is simply one of the best any company can find. I wish to get a chance to work with him again, hopefully in the region I relocate to.

Sandeep Narula 

Director, IAV (Regulatory Approval Consultants)

In one of the toughest competition for entrance to our school, one of the prestigious school imparting Military education, Vivek Sood was ranked 1st among nearly 40,000 students competitors for just 120 places. For the entire 7 years at school, Vivek's inspirational and unassuming leadership guided a number of us to 'shine'. He was my roommate & he was always there to guide me.

Geoffrey Adams

Digital Content Officer at Centre for Road Safety, Transport for NSW

Vivek asked me to edit his book, The 5-STAR Business Network, on a handshake deal. Vivek's specialist business expertise in supply chain networks provides great insight as he studies some of the world's most successful companies, including Amazon, Dell and the Zara fashion label to show how their business models relate to his theory of the five essential elements of great business networks. His integrity, commitment and business acumen shine through as he details the essential elements of successful networks.

Capt. Sanjay Tyagi, MBA, AFNI

Chief Executive Officer

Capt. Sood always sets very high goals - a few years ago he shared his goal of being one of the top 5 people in Supply Chain Management worldwide. I am glad to see him achieve this goal based on the thought leadership he provides, value he adds to the organisations, and the careers he helps build at senior executive levels - right up to the CEO.

Kris Dahoo - Dip FM, BSc, MBA (Av Mgt), CCMP, MRAeS

Technical Records Manager at Qatar Airways

Vivek saves millions of dollars for his customers and companies through unique application of his strategic mind-set to large scale operations on global level. I learnt a lot while working with him and recommend his company for outstanding results without reservations.

Wayne Henderson

Management Consultant 

Vivek delivers exceptional service and output with more value than top tier consultancies. This is because of the dedicated attention of senior resources on projects and a deep understanding of supply chain strategies.

Stuart Emmett MSc BA (Hons)

International Master Trainer and Award Winning Author covering all Supply Chain Topics 

Vivek has that special talent, total commitment to what he believes in. We worked together on the book "Green Supply Chains" when his talent on the topic was most evident. We were able to harness and then explode his years of practical knowledge and application into the book. It was indeed a great pleasure to work with Vivek on this ground breaking book.

Murali Dharan

CEO, Strategy, Market/Competitive Intelligence, Enterprise Architecture, Adjunct Prof.

Vivek & I worked jointly on Green Supply Chain, developing strategies for companies, running executive workshops, publishing papers etc. Vivek is a leader who transforms Companies and People with his intellectual rigour, courage of conviction & global experiences. He brings significant value in all engagements, with refreshing thoughts/ideas and professional approach. I recommend him highly for any business transformation, especially in Supply Chain.

Clive Figueiredo

Sales Manager - Maritime Logistics UAE at Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Working at Global Supply Chain Group was one the most beneficial experiences in my career. Vivek was a great mentor who guided me in seeing the bigger picture and formulating strategies. Having clearly defined the deliverables he would provide absolute autonomy to execute the job. I will always appreciate the fact that he was a great boss but also a warm and friendly individual.

Jean-Briac Le Dean

Co-Founder & Agency Director - The Click Lab, S.L

Vivek is a very collaborative and open leader who leads teams by example. Whether internal teams, or clients teams, all are impressed by his intensity, energy level and drive to make things a little better.

Bernhard Voll

Independent Consultant at BV Consulting

Vivek's company, Global Supply Chain Group, created outstanding results in configuring global supply chain where none existed in an industry which is still finding its moorings. While the investments are huge, the responsibility to ensure these are wisely made is even bigger. Thanks to Vivek's team, and its culture of working seamlessly with internal leaders, we successfully ensured our investments were wisely made.

Siddharth Srivastava

Supply Chain Management and Logistics professional

I thoroughly enjoyed my time and learning experience at Global Supply Chain Group. The job was intense, but the learning was even more concentrated. Thanks to the team culture that Vivek has instilled in each and everyone at the company, it is a company of leaders, not followers.

Dheeraj Choudhary

Sr. Manager at LLoyd Insulation India Limited

Vivek Sir has been a great Inspiration to me, being fortunate to start my carrier under his guidance. He is a role-model in true sense. He used to give a large sum of responsibility and freedom of work, which mostly I was always trying to figure out how to get everything done - yet whenever I needed help, he was always there. I learn so much in such a short time that it has built my career for ever.

Merwin Faria

Global Manager Procurement Projects at Orica Limited

Vivek is an inspirational leader who leads the teams with the right combination of mentoring, challenge and humour. His leadership motivates the team to perform exceedingly well.

Duncan Pollard

AVP Stakeholders Engagement in Sustainability at Nestlé S.A.

Vivek has written a book (Green Supply Chains, An Action Manifesto) on a subject that is not only topical, but also poorly developed. WWF's work with multinational companies has shown me that companies are increasingly searching for guidance on green procurement. Vivek's book takes a broader approach, providing not only guidance on green procurement, but also other aspects of supply chain management including planning, logistics and evaluation. This provides a sounder basis for corporate action. Further, the book provides important practical insights which takes it beyond the theoretical, and puts Vivek at the forefront of an important corporate movement.

Mark Millar

Keynote Speaker, Professional Moderator, Trusted Advisor, Commissioned Author, Visiting Lecturer

Vivek is an exceptional supply chain thought leader who drives supply chain improvements for corporations across the world. His practical knowledge and strategic mind-set combine to develop best-of-the-breed solutions that he implements with faultless execution

Jorge Lebrija

Global Sourcing Director at Ensco plc

Vivek is a very passionate, knowledgeable and experienced supply chain professional. He understands the complexity and challenges of supply chains with out losing sight of the strategic issues.!

Christophe LETELIER

Senior Manager Business Development at DHL

It was a real pleasure to work with Vivek who has natural managing skill and a large experience. His global vision makes him a strong asset to any company who desires to win supply chain advantages.

Matt Bartlett

Manager at A.T. Kearney

Vivek is an excellent leader with an approach which empowers his colleagues with a strong sense of ownership of their work. I felt very motivated to complete my projects to the best of my ability while working with Vivek. He provides great insight on personal improvement of his employees and brings a robust educational and experiential background to his consulting work.

Ankur Tripathi


Vivek is a path breaking supply chain thought leader. Expect to hear a lot more good things about him in the coming years. His contribution to his clients' businesses far surpasses any top tier strategy consultant or other professional.

Wayne Klose

Supply Chain Manager at Philips Dynalite

Vivek's team was unique in having a singleminded focus on creating optimal, sustainable savings through a fit-for-purpose supply chain transformation. No cookie-cutter approaches to mundane results here. I whole-heartedly recommend their work without any reservations.

Roberto Calvo

Admissions Manager at INCAE Business School, CEO at INNOVARTE

Vivek is an "one of a kind" professional. His experience and understanding of Supply Chain is deep, and during Suppler Exchange Forum 3 he helped to come up with a sensitive perspective of world's best practices on supply chain.

Lalit Panda

Global CIO and Supply Chain Leader ► Delivering Exceptional Business Value with Systems and Operations

Vivek is a very enterprising and knowledgeable supply chain expert. I have had the occasion of sharing ideas and thoughts on global transportation and logistics issues and I found his thoughts very stimulating. I am sure he will bring an unique and fresh perspective on logistical issues challenging multi national organizations with long supply chains. He is a sought after speaker at logistics conferences as well.

Per-Harald Larsen

License Manager at Statoil Brazil

It has always been a great pleasure to work together with Vivek for several reasons. In particular, his broad variety of experience ranging from international shipping activities and supply chain management to IT, consulting and general business management have been of key importance in terms of successfully completing the projects we have carried out in common. Furthermore, Vivek's persononality including his brilliant mind, analysis capabilities and high integrity level have made my professional relationship with him a very valuable and pleasant one.

Sylvain Gerbaud

Président at Cleeven SE

I have known Vivek thanks to a 6 month collaboration as an employee/trainee. He has been my manager and trainer in the supplychain and business arena for that period of time.

Vivek is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has excellent communication skills. I learnt a lot on both professionnal and personnal sides thanks to that collaboration.

Thus, I highly recommend Vivek one the one hand as an employer and on the other hand for any business partnership or supply chain consulting projects. 

Mahiraj Singh

Commercial Aviation Manager at Caltex

Vivek has a wide spectrum of expertise that is vital in an extremely competitive global "end to end" supply chain environment. His ideas and sound research has provided a sound understanding of both challenges and opportunities that result in realizing significant value both in the bottom line and through risk mitigation.

Ramin Marzbani

Independent Director

Vivek is a passionate expert in his field, combining consulting and industry know-how.

Adam A. Aldikacti

Executive Networking & Partnering

I have engaged Vivek when I was lookign for some staff and services in Supply Chain area. I have found him to be deeply knowledgeable and able to operate at a strategic level. An expert for his area.

Manish Singh

Group Director - Strategy and M&A at V Group

Vivek's career progression has been an inspiration to many and I also view his work at developing innovative solutions at Global Supply Chain Group as a great learning resource.

Vijay Gupte

Consultant in Transport, Infrastructure and Telecoms

Vivek did very well in his MBA due to his strong analytical, intellectual and strategic skills. I am sure these attributes will help him in his career.

Manu Sood

Contracts Administrator at Virgin Australia

Vivek taught me a lot about logical thinking, financial models, presentations to board level executives and generally about management consulting. The concepts were so useful, I rarely make an analysis or presentation without using one of Vivek's methods

Aditya Agarwalla

Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company)

It was an absolute pleasure working with Vivek. His leadership, intellectual rigour and deep expertise in supply chain lead to the identification of significant improvement opportunities in managing costs and risks in a highly volatile shipping market, and deliver meaningful and practical insights to the client.

Ivandeva Wing

Deployment Coach at Happy5

Vivek is the global thought leader in Supply Chain Strategies, who can size up the situation in little time and create immense value through his knowledge, experience and expertise.

Brian Devaraj

Global Manager - Supply Chain Compliance at Orica

I have worked with Vivek in the Mining Industry and he has demonstrated a high degree of professionalism in all projects entrusted to him.Vivek has well rounded skills as well specialist knowldege in Shipping and Logistics which is a great asset to any organisation seeking innovative solutions to any burning business platform !!

Darron Passlow

MD at MatrixIP

It is with pleasure that I provide a recommendation for Vivek. I have known Vivek for a number of years and we have worked together as Business Partners.

Vivek has always proven to be a reliable partner who is very enthusiastic in all endeavours and takes a very professional approach to his work. Vivek is well versed in management matters especially supply chain management.

Gene Tyndall

Executive Vice-President, Tompkins International, Inc.

I recommend Vivek highly as a strong and knowledgable global supply chain leader and service provider. There are very few true global supply chain experts, and Vivk is certainly one. He can be trusted to create the best solutions and deliver results.

Tim Williamson

Regional Director at Logility

Vivek and I worked in the same organisation for a year and during that time I was impressed by his professionalism and his knowledge - I learnt a lot from him, particularly the importance of customer service and exceeding customer's expectations

Stephen Chey

Self employed

I have had the pleasure of working with Vivek many times off and on over the last 12 years. He is one of the most intelligent, insightful and hard working people I've ever met. He is also a gentleman and a pleasure to work with, but the most important thing is the solid responsibility he accepts for getting business outcomes that far exceed all expectations

Malcolm Druce

Member of the Board of Trustees at The Raie Taylor Foundation

Vivek is a solutions focused professional who has been successful in developing his organisation into a dynamic Supply Chain consulting firm, serving blue chip clients across Asia Pacific.

Scott Beckwith

National Business Development Manager at Toll Mining Services

Vivek is a polished professional with an outstanding knowledge and understanding of complex supply chains in a regional and global setting. His ability to quickly identify the key drivers of supply chain effectiveness and then present highly practical solutions to all levels, along with the willingness to be involved and take responsibility for delivering the outcomes he proposes, makes him one of the stand out consultants I have worked with.

Govind Gautam

Chief Executive Officer at Pacific World Shipping Pte Limited Singapore

Vivek is gem of a person with highly strategic thought process. He is focused and result oriented. His impact on our evolving supply chain management is tremendous.

Alok Kumar

Senior Vice President at Credence Logistics

Vivek's supply chain credentials are unbeatable - in finance, strategy and operations, we have not found a better results oriented businessman. The results surpassed our expectations. Vivek's results speak for themselves.

Sanjeev Nookooloo

CEO - Aerotechnic USA, Inc.

Two things I noticed about Vivek when I worked with him were his impeccable integrity (and commitment to the project) and his strategic thinking capability. No wonder, he opted to create an outstanding results oriented business, than be part of a sales machine. With his depth of experience and ability to transcend cultures, this will be a huge success in the coming years. Good Luck!!

Trishul Gujadhar

A/c Maint Supervisor at Qatar Airways

Vivek created outstanding results in Air Mauritius Maintenance and Supply Chain. His understanding of business situation, ability to simultaneously see detail and the big picture, and emphasis on looking for the best way forward were responsible for the results. I fully endorse and recommend him for creating outstanding transformations in complex operational situations

Alan Sablich

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer at Ferreyros S.A.A.

I had the pleasure to work with Vivek on my first assigment in Australia. I am pleased not only to have him as a friend but also to have been mentored by him along the way. His operational experience in conjunction with an exceptional strategic mindset, makes him one of the top Supply Chain professionals I've ever met.

Tony Fedorowicz

Executive Manager Marketing & Innovation Rail at Downer

Vivek helped us challenge our whole supply chain process to identify and deliver significant improvements. These improvements ranged from leading edge ideas to the application of proven fundamentals. His attention to detail and pragmatic approach ensured we were successful in a systematic and sustainable manner.

Roberto Canovas Berea

Managing Director Mexico&CA at Coats Group plc

I had the unique opportunity of joining Vivek for a two-month consulting project. Vivek showed outstanding mentoring balancing accurate guidance with healthy delegation of responsibility turning this project into an enjoyable challenge in my career

Kamlesh Kanojia

Asst. General Manager, Safety & Operation at New Asian Shipping Co., Ltd.

Mr. Sood is legendary in his ability to add value to shipping, logistics and transportation companies – whether in mergers and acquisitions, financing, strategy or operations. His knowledge, skills and experience all combine to form a powerful mix. He is equally at ease in the board room and in the boiler room.

Ben Gordon

Managing Partner, BG Strategic Advisors and Cambridge Capital. Leading advisor and i nvestor to supply chain companies.

Vivek is one of those rare top-tier thought leaders in the world of Supply Chains who combine immense practical experience with a very high level strategic thinking to create unique and invaluable supply chain solutions. The fact that he does it in such an easy going, friendly manner is an added plus.

Andres Fuentes

Head of Planning and Risk Controllership (Australia Retail Credit Risk) at ANZ

Working with Vivek has been one of the finest job experiences I ever had. Not only you get challenged and pushed to perform at your best while learning from a field expert; most importantly you perform at your peak within a friendly and funny environment.

Santoshi Kittur

Director at PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Vivek is highly analytical and is able to easily deconstruct and simplify complex business issues. This coupled with strong execution abilities makes him an asset in strategic decision making.

Lin Giralt

Managing Director at TestAnalytika, LLC

Vivek and I have been collaborating in developing business opportunities in Venezuela in Logistics and Supply Chain consulting for about six months. He has impressed me not only with his professional skill, which obviously is top-notch, but with his good humor, positive attitude and strong dedication to client service and growing a business together which are intangible pluses.

Michael Andersch

Senior Engagement Manager at Westpac Banking Group

Vivek's strength is his ability to quickly grasp the nature of a business and its complex issues then draw upon his range of business and industry experience (not available to internal and industry specific staff) and offer hybrid and/or unique solutions and offerings.

Sri (Sriram) Gopalan

Category Leader at Sydney Water

Vivek is a very seasoned professional with an exceptionally good grasp of complex issues. He always goes the extra mile to deliver beyond expectations.

Doug Hudgeon

CEO at Marketboomer

Vivek and I have worked together in a number of different contexts. I've been impressed by his ability to clearly see how to maximise value through connections between businesses. If business operations are like lego bricks, Vivek is a Master Builder.

Lorna Calder Johnson

Omni-Channel Product Marketing P&L Executive

Vivek's transformation expertise is apparent from his results and dedication to operations and supply chains. His strategic expertise, knowledge and network make him a standout even among an excellent team.

Victor Jiang

CEO China at Euler Hermes

Vivek's transformation expertise is apparent from his results and dedication to operations and supply chains. His strategic expertise, knowledge and network make him a standout even among an excellent team.

Christian Marchetti

Project Manager Supply Network Planning at Festo

I saw Vivek’s thought leadership in action during a large scale business transformation project of an industrial corporation. He attended and assisted in several senior executive workshops on maximising the outcomes of supply chain tools that we could deploy effectively to create tangible, sustainable change. In supply chain, Vivek stands apart as a strategic and visionary thinker, who provides impulse for real positive change and results.

Vincent Menard

Product Manager

Vivek is a visionary CEO who takes great care of his staff in the good of the company.
He's integer, says what he does and does what he says, and always keeps a very human approach with people, making him someone efficient and enjoyable to work with.

Albert Alibudbud

Global Commercial Development Lead - Oncology | Solid Tumors at Abbvie 

Vivek adds tremendous value to the team through his focus, dedication and specialist knowledge in operations and supply chain. His global viewpoint and wide business exposure are great addition to the mix.

Amit Pathare

Group Director of New Solutions, ENGIE 

Vivek's analytical ability, client focussed approach, and strong relationship skills lend themselves to making him an excellent professional. He brings conviction and a sense of gravitas to his arguments, and is a high value asset in the Board room.