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Vivek Sood

All You Need To Know About Transformational Projects.

I fully expected to go back into the shipping industry as a General manager after my
MBA, and never expected to do so well during MBA studies to graduate at or near the
top of my year. A number of good professors spoke to me and convinced me to try
management consulting after the MBA, for at least 2-3 years - almost as a finishing
school for MBAs. I joined one of the top-tier global firms, which matched my work
ethos, and learned a lot. I enjoyed the work so much that i am still here, doing the
same thing after nearly 19 years.

People ask me: "Why do management need consultants?"

I respond saying that for the same reason that no surgeon can operate on himself or
herself (or even on a member of their own family).
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A bigger question is always which management consulting firm to use? No doubt
that companies who invest time in finding the right external help and creating
dynamic teams of internal and external consultants, where the skilled people rather
than junior learn-on-the-job high priced consultants work on the projects, can turn
around the situation much more easily. After all, if you had a blocked artery, you
would want to get it scraped sooner, rather than later. And we would want an
experienced surgeon to work on your blocked artery, rather than a big brand hospital,
who mostly deploys interns and inexperienced doctors, where seasoned doctors
might come in once in a while to guide the junior doctors.

The 5-star approach with transformation projects

It is difficult to summarise an approach developed over tens of massive business
transformation projects in multi-billion dollar enterprises, and tested over nearly 400
projects of small large size in five continents. the graphics below may give you a
better overview of the approach we have used to keep our 100% success rate.
Today, competitive advantage is not enough. You need to super-specialise and go
beyond – to collaborative advantage. This requires a massive shift in thinking and a
complate business transformation to your custom built business-to-business
network.Typically, the value added is in excess of 10 times the project costs.
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An example of a business transformation project

The infographic below is based on a real life case study where we have hidden the
company involved’s identity for confidentiality. For more case studies, please head
out to Global Supply Chain Group website or contact me directly.
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