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Complicated Supply Chain

The Expert’s Guide to Managing a Complicated Supply Chain

Learn The Truth About Complicated Supply Chain Complex organisations have always existed, but we have to admit that the level of complexity has tremendously increased over the past centuries, especially over the past decades. Complexity now touches everyone, and every organisation. This is something unavoidable, and that is the reason

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Shipping Supply Chain

The Shipping Supply Chain Management Solution For 2020s

The Shipping Supply Chain Management Solution For 2020s My sabbatical from writing blogs over the past few weeks has been interrupted. Besides my day job of consulting, I was focusing on finishing my second book “Know When to Outsource, and How to Do It Well: Outsmart, Outprofit, Outsource”. However, after

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Supply Chain Ceo

Supply Chain CEO: The Solution for Supply Chain Companies

Supply Chain CEO The Solution for Supply Chain Companies Kevin1 was a brilliant finance executive. After doing a few years in an accountancy practice he had joined a company in its finance department and steadily risen in rank over the years to become its Chief Finance Officer. The board trusted

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Key To Success

There Is Only One Key To Success

Master The Skills Of Key To Success And Be Successful with Supply Chain Project Business books, blogs and literature are full of secrets of success. A recent experience taught me that it need not be too complex. Why do I call it the only one key to success? Hopefully, that

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Great Supply Chain Man

A Great Supply Chain Man Knows His Own Limitations

A Great Supply Chain Man Knows His Own Limitations This picture prompted me to write the blog post. Like many other people, I am a great admirer of Steve Jobs – his integrity, his passion and his sense of design. Almost single-mindedly he twice created a company that eventually became

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Customer Centric Supply Chain

Customer Centric Supply Chain – Turbo Charge Your Business Model

Customer Centric Supply Chain Restructuring – Turbo Charge Your Business Model New challenges need new responses. The common organizational model looks like the generic drainpipe structure, meeting the mammalian need for an ordered hierarchy and flow of power within a business. How To Learn About Supply Chain Restructuring Most companies

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Supply Chain Failure

Mind the Gap – Supply Chain Failure, and Its Reasons

How Supply Chain Failure Can Ease Your Pain. Why do companies achieve far worse performance than what could be feasible with their superior hiring and training capabilities? It appears as if there are some invisible chains that are constantly pulling these companies back all the time. Something significant yet intangible

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Vivek Sood Mr Supply Chain

Worth Supply Chain Business Management

Worth Supply Chain Business Management One of my posts on LinkedIn sparked a lot of interest and a healthy debate. I am not sure about the reason for interest but seems like people agree with the above statement, as well as its reverse: The person who does less than s/he

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Idea Supply Chain In Action

Idea Supply Chain in Action

Idea Supply Chain in Action A switched on team of senior management makes all the difference. No matter which part of the world, and how unfamiliar the concepts are – an interactive team will always find how to use ideas for their business. I recently had the pleasure of interacting

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Business Models

Fresh Thinking for New Business Models

Old Business Models are Getting Redundant on Supply Chain Management When General Motors filed for Chapter XI protection in 2008, it also marked the closing of a type of business models in modern commerce. General Motors was seen as the paragon of modern American management theory as popularized by Peter

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Supply Chain Job

Want a Supply Chain Job?

Want a Supply Chain Job? This blog post is relatively small and simple. Yet, as you will see, it is of immense use to anyone in today’s world. I do not want to make it any more complicated than necessary. My friend Tony has a recession proof career. No matter

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Vivek Sood 01

IS Your Supply Chain Stuck In The Rat Race?

IS Your Supply Chain Stuck In The Rat Race? After a while, the rat race tires you out. Even if you are winning the race, you still feel like a rat – this is what someone once told me. And, she ended up taking a very long journey through the

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Definition Of Success

Your Results Reflect Your Definition Of Success

How To Get People To Like Definition Of Success on Supply Chain “What is success? How do you define it in your current role?” It was a simple question.I asked this question of the room in general. I expected multiple replies from the all the executives in the room. Then,

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Meaningful Supply Chain

Meaningful Supply Chain Work After 50

TL/DR Abstract on Supply Chain Management Many highly qualified and experience professionals find it difficult to gain meaningful employment over the age of fifty. A number of reasons are frequently cited for this phenomenon. On further investigation, we found some truth in this assertion, and discovered that the most important

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