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You do not want someone to captain a supertanker

I am guessing you do not want someone to fight the pirates either. At least not in a
literal sense. On the other hand, if you are concerned about supply chain security, or
survival, I can be of help.

​I can also help you configure better business model using supply chain efficiency
and effectiveness. I call this effort profitable business transformation. Right on the
top banner of this page are five different ways I can help - one of them will fit your

How do you know when to call me?

The Organisational problems solved by my area of expertise fall in three distinct
levels of severity. I will start with the most acute problems - when a working supply
chain does not even exist with in a company.

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If you notice any of the symptoms above in a company - you can be sure it is near a
terminal case of corporate cancer. An ICU level business transformation is needed -
speeches and workshops will not help.

Less severe problems are more common

On the other hand, the problems you notice could be less severe - in companies
where supply chain does exist, but it is largely outdated. The symptoms and root
causes will be very different, as shown below:

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In the above cases, the organisation is not terminally ill. Yet, it still needs fresh
blood of new ideas. An executive workshop, or a C-Level report might suffice to
bring new ideas to key people who may have the time and impetus to think through
and customise these before testing and putting them into practice. I do this with a
number of clients, and in fact this is my most favourite method of engagement. It
allows me to disseminate the ideas far and wide, yet retain a personal touch. For
you, this is a very low cost way of achieving results - with practically no risks.

Ironically, the best companies use my services the most often

Perhaps this should be surprising. These companies are led by business leaders
with sharp eyes and quick responses. They notice the problems and set out to find
the right resources to solve them. That is how they take their companies from one
level to next till their companies are at the peak of their industries - commanding
respect and supply chain profits.

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I have spent nearly 15 years studying these problems in companies around the
world. In more than 400 transformational projects, I have worked with thousands of
companies when you include the entire supply chains of the entities that I worked

I have made it my life mission to first deeply understand the problem, and then work
out a suitable solution that will be the easiest to apply in that particular situation.
Such a deep understanding of the type of problems, their symptoms and root
causes allows me to find multiple ways of helping a company and its pro-active
execitives. That is exactly what i enjoy doing. I am also very happy to tell companies
if I think they do not need my help. Only you can decide whether it is worth getting
in touch.

P.S. If you are wondering where your company is at, I invite you to take
this complimentary benchmarking survey. You may be surprised by the result.