In 1995 very few people in the world knew about Supply Chain Management. In fact, when I was studing for MBA, there was no mention of this discipline in the entire course. Yet, I read about it in one respected business journal (I think it was 'The Economist' once again), and I became fascinated by the idea of seamless integration and faultless optimisation.

That is why post-MBA I decided to join the firm that 'invented' Supply Chain Management. My quest to learn more and more about supply chain led me to seek out the people who were part of the original team that 'invented' supply chain, and invite them to be part of the company I co-founded in January 2000. We called this company Global Supply Chain Group, and aspired to be the top strategy consulting firm specialising in supply chain. All our projects were selected with this focus - to create new techniques, learn and implement the latest methodologies in supply chain management.

We wrote booksreportsdelivered keynote speeches, and workshops to propogate these ideas. I did not know how much I had become adept at it till a good friend, President of a $20 Billion company, pointed this out.

What the president of a multi-billion company says about me

One of the best feelings in life is being acknowledged as an expert in the field you are passionate about. Supply chain has been the backbone of my career just as much as it is the backbone of any business.

So when a respected figure says this about me, I am over the moon: 

Since Vivek finds a solution to any problem in a business through Supply Chain efficiencies and principles, I am tempted to give him the nick name "Mr. Supply Chain."

S.V.Padmanabhan (Venkat)
Director - Indian Chamber of Commerce
President and Global Head of Finance (Products) -
Investment Committee, Chair of Governing Council - MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE OF SINGAPORE